New Players Shake Up Top 12 in Round 2

In Round 2 of the NETTS Top 12 Grand Prix several new players were among the entrants. In the “A” section however Colchester based Abhi Peshkar repeated last month’s victory. The runner-up was NETTS Nikki Davison with further Essex players John Cleasby, Victor Chan, Trevor Carter and John Andrews earning high placings.
One of the new players this month was Colchester based Mike Baldwin and in the B-section he won all his games to take maximum points this month. Local juniors Jack Cains and Mia Charles also produced good performances finishing second and fourth respectively.
In the “C” section it was the youngsters who prevailed over their fellow senior players. Another pair of newcomers Luke Evans and Brodie Henrici contested the final match with the former taking maximum Grand Prix points. Two other junior players Spike Ashworth and Charles Calisin remain in a strong position with a third and fourth placed finish.
The Premier section returned this month with a very high level of players contesting this mini tournament. In the group stages all games went with the seeding except a good win for Lee McHugh over Paul Davison. McHugh however had no answer to the fast attacking styles of Mark Wicker and Hungarian Ugar Saglik currently studying in Colchester.