Summer League Round 2

At the end of Week 2 in the NETTS Summer League competition only one team remains unbeaten. A 3-2 Ipswich win over Tolleshunt gave them the top spot despite Alex Abbott’s two wins retaining his unbeaten singles record. The only other player with four wins from four games is Paul Davison who helped his NETTS Argyle team defeat fellow club team NETTS Pompey despite a good effort from James Mullane with his excellent win in four over debutant Gary Cattermole. In the final match of the evening Liberal were too strong for NETTS Bottom recording a 4-1 win. There were two excellent wins for Scott Dowsett although result of the of the day was James Hick’s win over Dowsett’s team-mate and Braintree Champion Brandon Crouchman in a thrilling ‘five setter’.” Three rounds remain in this Earls Colne Recreation Club based competition.